Das Kulturgespräch im Radio – Review

Film by Errkaa (2022)

In a very positive review of “The Culture Talk on the Radio” by the “Indy Film Library” (5 out of 5 stars), reviewer Tony Moore also goes into a little more detail about my role in the film:

“It would take some film to inveigle your reviewer to listen to a 20-minute radio interview with a visual artist they had only vaguely heard of and then for me to be so transfixed by both the content of the discussion and its contextualisation within the movie to feel that I had to urgently discover more about the artist and his work. […]
The artist featured in the radio discussion is René Schoemakers – he is in conversation with an art critic, Christoph Tannert. […]
Schoemakers [uses] acrylic on canvas, to produce representational art that is as precise and accurate as that we are used to seeing from photography but that attempts to transcend the boundaries of what is being represented. […]
Anyone engaged with the arts world and, like me, previously unaware of René Schoemakers’s work, will be thankful to Errkaa [director] for introducing us to the work of a great and genuinely subversive artist.” 

The work was a very interesting sneak peek into the world of cinema….

Closing Scene, filmed at Weltgeist, Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Dortmund

Das Kulturgespräch im Radio:


San Francisco Docfest
2023 Nominee Jury Prize
Mid-Length Documentary
Errkaa (director)

Oregon Documentary Film Festival
2023 Nominee Best International Film
Best International Film
Errkaa (director)

2023 Nominee Best Experimental Documentary
Best Documentary Short
Errkaa (director)

Inca Imperial International Film Festival
2023 Nominee Best Short Film
Best Short Film
Errkaa (director)

Ciudad del Este Independent Film Festival
2023 Nominee Jury Award
Best Documentary Short Film
Errkaa (director)

Art Film Awards
2023 Winner June Award
Best Director Short Film
Errkaa (director)

Art Color Digital Cinema International Film Festival (AC DC IFF)
2023 Nominee Best Short Documentary
Short Documentary
Errkaa (Director)

Indie Movies Spark Film Festival
2021 Winner April Award
Best Experimental Film
Errkaa (director)