New book: Dissonance. Platform Germany

René Schoemakers - Dissonance Platform Germany

A Changed Vision—New Painting from Germany “Post-reunification Germany has emerged as an important forum for international painting. The generation of artists born in the 1970s and 1980s eschew alignment with collective tendencies and resist clearly definable influences. Meanwhile, their art…

Wilhelm Morgner Prize

René Schoemakers - Wilhelm Morgner Preis

Exhibition of the nominees of the € 15,000 Wilhelm Morgner Prize, which is awarded every 3 years. On display are three large-format works from the Weltgeist series, which was last shown at the MKK Dortmund: Der böhse Paul IAnders (Mummenschanz)München…

group exhibition

René Schoemakers - Haizmann Museum

Exhibition of four North German artists at the Richard Haizmann Museum, Niebüll.Exhibition opening on 18.3.2022On display are eight works, some of them large-format, from different series of works from 2011-2019.